Cava is a sparkling beverage that is highly appreciated worldwide, but its origin lies in the Penedès region. The process of making cava is complex and requires careful attention at each stage. From grape selection to bottling and subsequent aging in the cellar, every step is essential to obtain a high-quality product. Our products fall under the D.O. Cava designation, an organization that guarantees the quality and origin of the product and is a distinctive seal of the Penedès region. In our winery, we carefully follow each step of the cava production process to offer a unique and excellent product that reflects the knowledge of the region and the love for our land.

Traditional Method

The traditional method of making cava is an art that we take pride in practising here at Cellers l’Arboç. Starting with a careful selection of grapes from our vineyards, each stage of the process is vital to ensure its quality. After an initial fermentation, the base wine is transferred to glass bottles with specific yeasts and sugar for the second fermentation that takes place inside the bottle.

During this second fermentation, which occurs at constant temperatures, the added yeast and sugar interact to create carbon dioxide, which dissolves into the wine and gives the cava its typical bubbles. This fermentation, known as bottle fermentation, takes place for a minimum period of nine months, but often our cavas rest in their bottles for longer, allowing the aromas and flavors to integrate and fully develop.


Once the bottle fermentation is completed, a disgorgement must then be carried out. This is a delicate process that involves the removal of sediments that have formed during fermentation. With precision and skill, the bottles are placed in an inverted balance, and the neck is frozen to trap the sediments in an ice plug. Then, the crown cap is removed, and the internal pressure expels the ice plug, simultaneously removing the sediments.

Finally, the dosage liquor is added, a mixture of base wine and sugar, to provide the final touch of sweetness and balance to the cava. The bottles are closed with cork stoppers, sealed, and labelled, ready for distribution and to be enjoyed by cava enthusiasts. At Cellers l’Arboç, we respect and preserve this traditional method, passing on our knowledge and passion from generation to generation. The result is an exceptional quality cava, with fine bubbles, subtle aromas, and unmistakable elegance.