Discover the different types of cava

Descobreix els diferents tipus de cava

At Celler Arboç, we are proud to present a wide variety of cavas, each with its unique characteristics and charm. Join us on this journey to discover the secrets and particular features of each one.

Brut Nature Cava: Let’s start with an unmistakable classic. Brut Nature Cava is considered the driest of them all, with minimal or zero residual sugar. It is a perfect choice for lovers of pure flavors and freshness.

Brut Cava: With a small dose of residual sugar, Brut Cava presents an elegant balance between acidity and sweetness. It is a versatile choice that pairs perfectly with everything from tapas to more elaborate dishes.

Brut Reserva Cava: Brut Reserva Cava undergoes a longer aging process, with a minimum of 18 months in the bottle. This maturation enhances the complexity of its aromas and its rich and structured taste.

Brut Gran Reserva Cava: With at least 30 months of aging, Brut Gran Reserva Cava is a true gem. This extended maturation allows for the development of deep aromas, accompanied by a smooth and elegant texture.

Rosé Cava: For lovers of rosé wines, Rosé Cava is an exceptional choice. With its attractive pink hue and subtle aromas of red fruits, it offers a refreshing and vibrant experience. Made with the excellent Trepat grape variety.

At Celler de l’Arboç, we are dedicated to producing high-quality cavas, using traditional methods and preserving the distinctive character of each variety. Every glass of cava we offer is the result of years of experience, passion, and dedication at every stage of the process.

We invite you to visit us and discover the fascinating world of cavas, from grape selection to tasting the final result. Come and enjoy a unique experience at Celler Arboç, where cava is a work of art that provides unforgettable moments.