Discover the foods that pair perfectly with a rosé cava

Coneix els aliments que mariden a la perfecció amb un cava rosat

Refreshing and Mediterranean Pairing

Rosé cava made with the indigenous Trepat grape variety is perfect for accompanying light and refreshing dishes. An ideal pairing suggestion would be to pair this cava with a Mediterranean salad, full of colors and fresh flavors. The crispy green leaves, olives, ripe tomatoes, and feta cheese blend with the hints of red fruit in the rosé cava, creating a perfect harmony of Mediterranean flavors.

Exquisite Seafood Pairing

Rosé cava made with the Trepat variety is also an exceptional accompaniment to seafood dishes. The fruity notes and balanced acidity nicely set off the delicate flavors of the seafood. A perfect pairing with a glass of this rosé cava would be grilled prawns or fresh oysters. The contrast between the freshness of the seafood and the subtle aromas of the wine will make every mouthful an explosion of flavors.

Festive Pairing with Varied Tapas

If you are organizing a celebration with friends and want to surprise them with a wide variety of flavors, then rosé cava made from Trepat is a perfect choice. Pair it with a selection of varied tapas such as deep-fried calamari, chicken croquettes, or marinated sardines. This rosé cava will provide pleasant acidity and a range of red fruit flavors that harmonize with the diverse flavors of the tapas, creating a festive and delicious pairing.

Our rosé cava made from the indigenous Trepat variety captivates the drinker with its unique and seductive personality. Each glass is a sensory experience filled with fruit aromas and elegance, transporting your senses to the vineyards of Penedès.